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This summarized heart rendering bayaan was delivered by Hazrat Moulana Yunus Patel Saheb                    at Musjid-e-Noor, Asherville, Durban on Tuesday 26th January 2010, prior to Hazrat                   leaving for an Umrah trip.  One could sense the great enthusiasm and emotion in Hazrat’s                      bayaan and towards the end Hazrat                    became very emotional.





















Your coming for the programme in this kind of weather (heavy rain) and at this time after the maghrib salaah whilst people are having supper, is an indication of your Muhabbat and love for Allah Taala and His Rasool (SAW).  May Allah (SWT) reward you. Tonight’s majlis will be a mixture of a variety of subjects if Allah (SWT) wills. 
Many different things are coming to mind and I really don’t know in which direction to go.


It is only Allah Taala’s Fazal and Ihsaan that a person goes to those Mubarak lands.  It is not some kind of status symbol.  There must be no riya, no show and no ulterior motive.  Allah Taala and Nabi (SAW) must become pleased with our coming.  Our sole objective should be to develop and strengthen our Muhabbat (love) and Nisbat (contact/connection)
with Allah Taala and Nabi




Allah (SWT) has granted us three things to strengthen our Nisbat (connection) with Him:



1.       The Kaaba Sharif

2.       The Raudha Mubarak of Nabi

3.       The Quran Sharif



The order could differ, however due to the fact that Kaaba Sharif is the first house of Allah Taala on earth hence it is mentioned first.




A person who makes sincere tawaaf (circumambulation) of Kaaba Sharif is not only making Tawaaf of Baytullah Sharif (The Sacred House of Allah Taala but in fact also making tawaaf of Rabbul Bayt (The Lord of the House – Allah Taala).  In that ‘Tajalli’ (Divine manifestation) of Baytullah Sharif is the ‘Tajalli’ of Allah Taala.  Of course we are too sinful to see any Tajalli but we too can get some taste of enjoyment.




When someone presents themselves at the Raudha Mubarak, they are in reality presenting themselves in front of Rasulullah (SAW).  Nabi (SAW) said:


“Whomsoever visits me after my demise, it is as though he has visited me in my lifetime.”


When a person of Ilm (knowledge) and Aml (practice) presents himself before his elderly parents, ustaaz or shaykh, what is the level of respect shown?  He will not do anything hurtful or commit any sin before them.  Here we are getting an opportunity to present ourselves before Nabi (SAW).  How much more careful should we be before Rasool-e-Paak (SAW)?



This is a subject on its own!  When person knows and realises that this is the word of Allah (SWT), then the connection with Allah Taala is built and strengthened.  It is a unique kalaam that has changed nations.


Unfortunately we have confined the Quraan Sharif to recitation which although, will be greatly rewarded, is not the main objective.  The real objective is practice.  On the one hand Allah Taala listens to the recitation and on the other hand the reciter is listening to himself.


When a person makes tilawat of Quran Sharif he/she gets an opportunity to build a relationship with Allah Taala knowing that it is His pure kalaam and He  is listening to the reciter. On the other hand the reciter is listening to himself/herself as the first audience, consequently advising himself/herself through the various laws, advices, encouragements and admonitions of the Quraan Sharif.  This should then spur one to make Amal.


(Hazrat (RA) then recited the following asha’aar regarding Madina Sharif in preparation for his departure to Madina Sharif.  Hazrat (RA) also mentioned that the advices contained therein are not only for the one going to Madina Sharif, but for all.











‘My Safina will some day anchor at the shore’

‘With enthusiasm we will some day see Makkah and Madina.”


Safina can refer to a ship in general but it was also the name of a ship that would travel between Bombay and Jeddah.
We can say our plane will land there someday.












‘That believer who is devoted in following the footsteps of Nabi r even in today’s
era the treasures of the world will fall to his feet.’



(A deep hearted longing is expressed to be in those blessed and sacred lands, which is borne out of love for Allah Taala and his Rasool (sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam).  May Allah Taala bless us all with such Ishq and love.  This was one quality shaytaan did not have.)


History is proof to this fact as Empires fell to the feet of the Sahaba-e-Kiraam.  They practiced on 100% Deen.  The demands were high and if they even left out 10% they faced reprimand and discipline.


Even today if we make Amal on 10% of what they did, we will receive the promises they received.  Of course this does not refer to 10% of salaah or fasting.  What is meant is that if we achieve even 10% of their devotion, concentration, ikhlaas (sincerity) etc, we will find success.


Look at the matriculants who celebrate and dance after passing their examinations.  Yet the pass mark is merely 30%  It means 70% of the paper was incorrect, yet they were passed.

Allah (SWT) is much more merciful.


However, we should never be satisfied with a mere pass mark.  In this world we aspire for distinctions.  When a bride is chosen we want the best.  If a person sells us clothing of which 80% is patched, will we wear it?  When we are choosing a car we look for the best quality.  Why is it that when it comes to Deen, in our business transactions, our character and inter-personal relationships, we are satisfied with the least Deen?


Part 2 to be continued in next issue Inshallah.


            By Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Hajee Desai Saheb DB

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