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One year ago, on the 11 Sha’baan 1432, a special servant of Allah I was called to meet his beloved Allah I in a very special
In the blessed month of Sha’baan, in the Holy city of Makkah Mukarramah, inside the Haram Sharif and on the Mataaf….

Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb (R.A) bade farewell to this temporary abode and left thousands of people around
the globe grief-stricken and amazed.


The thousands of hearts that Hazrat Maulana (R.A) had touched so deeply – through his genuine compassion, warmth and generosity; by means of his sincere discourses and advice, through his heart-rending du’as and in numerous other ways – all these hearts felt the intense pain of separation.


At the same time friends and strangers were all amazed at the wonderful end of an exemplary life. Nay, it was not the end that was witnessed, but rather Insha Allah the beginning of the great honour and respect of the everlasting hereafter.

Hazrat Maulana (R.A) inspired thousands of people in his lifetime. The acceptance that Allah I blessed him with nevertheless continues after his demise. Hence throughout the world people continue to derive benefit and guidance from his teachings. May Allah I keep this benefit flowing till the last day.


This magazine is also a minute contribution towards spreading the beautiful teachings of Hazrat Maulana (R.A).

May Allah I accept it and make it a means of the lives of the readers changing for the better. Aameen

Hazrat Maulana Ilyaas Patel Saheb (D.B) (Brother of Hz Ml Yunus Patel Sb R.A)
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