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                                      THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN





The bond between Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb               and his Sheikh Hazrat Maulana Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (RA) was extremely strong, and even unique in some ways.  A glimpse of this Sheikh-mureed relationship and the strength of the link between them can be gauged from correspondence of Hazrat               .  One such letter, which Hazrat Maulana (RA)  wrote to his Sheikh after he suffered a heart attack and could not join Hazrat Wala (DB) on his journey to Turkey, is reproduced below.  May Allah          grant us a similar bond with our Mashaikh.  Aameen.  (Hazrat Wala’s (DB) answers to the various parts of the letter run concurrently with the letter).









I hope that you are well.  By the grace and kindness of Allah Ta’ala and the duas of Hazrat (DB), my health is improving.  No matter how much I thank Allah Ta’ala, it is less since Allah Ta’ala enabled me to pass through all the stages (of the operation) with great ease.  In the course of my heart operation, I did not experience any anxiety, discomfort or pain in my heart.  Instead, through the duas and teachings of Hazrat (DB), I experienced a sort of comfort and tranquillity.  My tongue continued in the dhikr of Allah I even when I was in hospital. 

Please make dua that Allah Ta’ala blesses me with the ability to serve Islam with absolute sincerity and good health, and that He also honours me with acceptance.


Answer:  My beloved and honourable [Moulana Yunus Patel]. 





My heart trembled at your absence in Istanbul.  However, I subjugated myself to rada bil qada (being pleased with the decree of Allah Ta’ala) and became content.  If Allah Ta’ala wills – due to your valid excuse – you will receive the blessings of this journey while you are in your very own country.








“No matter in which condition He keeps us, I found that condition to be the most perfect.”


Condition:  Hazrat (RA)!  May Allah Ta’ala keep your shadow over us for a long time with good health and well-being.  What can I say about what you did!  You gave the power of sight to blind people like me.  You placed the deviated souls on the path of guidance.  You bestowed a ‘dry’ person with the delicious taste of recognition of the Master (Allah Ta’ala).  You removed the veils of heedlessness and made us stand in the bright rays of dhikr.  You showed us the ways of removing many evils which could not have been removed except through severe hardship and endeavours. How can I thank you for all your favours?


Answer:  May Allah Ta’ala show His kindness to me through the blessings of your good thoughts about me.


Condition:  Hazrat (RA)!  Your spiritual admonitions, your illuminated appearance, your wonderful character, your tone that is drowned in pain and anguish (for Allah Ta’ala), and your heart which is sparkling with illumination and recognition causes the soul to tremble and the heart to burn.  You have captivated your own people and outsiders as well.


Hazrat (RA)!  When I ponder over your qualities and look at myself in that mirror, I find myself to be the lowest, the most ignoble, the meanest, and the most flagrant sinner from among the creation of Allah Ta’ala.  I do not even find one percent of those qualities which an ahl-e-dil (a person whose heart is constantly connected with Allah Ta’ala), a follower of the Sunnah, and a khalifah ought to possess..


Answer:  This perception and realization is from among the lofty conditions (of a person).  Congratulations!


Condition:  Hazrat (RA)!  I hope that you will forgive my audacity.  But what can I say, I am writing with tearing eyes and a burning heart:







“I will ask the one drenched (in the love of Allah Ta’ala) reverently

When will you give the drink of love to these thirsty ones








The garment is wet from the tears flow

Let us then of your secret know








Tears of ocean are flowing for whose sake

Your old age is the pride of youth for whose sake









For whom is this wailing and crying

Due to which strike of lightening

Is from the nest of your heart stream rising









The arrow of which gaze has pierced your heart”

(The effect of which) Whole creation becomes trapped in that pain of love”

(Arifbillah Hazrat-e-Aqdas Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (DB)


Answer:  Although this poem is written by me, it has become far more enjoyable after reading it by your pen.


Condition:  Hazrat (DB)! This group of salikin that will be reaching you tomorrow and which will be accompanying you on your trip to Turkey and England is most fortunate.  Although I have convinced my heart that in the path of love, a person has to experience sorrow and separation, and that a salik has to be pleased with the decree of Allah Ta’ala under all conditions, my heart still feels a type of shortcoming that it is a consequence and punishment for my sins that I have been deprived of your blessed companionship.












At times I cling to your door while at others to your balcony

Drawing in your countenance brings me tranquillity”


Answer:  This perception is a sign of being among the accepted servants of Allah Ta’ala.  May Allah Ta’ala accept your remorse.


Condition:  My soul reprimands me by saying that I am not true in my love for my sheikh, that I am immature in fulfilling his rights, and that I most certainly committed an act of disrespect towards him.  If this was not the case, why have I been deprived from accompanying him on this trip despite making full preparations for it?


Answer:  Every decree of Allah (SWT) is 100 percent to the advantage of a believer.  Natural sorrow is from among human constraints and this sorrow is a cause of the perfection in ones nisbat (affiliation with Allah (SWT).


Condition:  Hazrat (DB)!  Kindly forgive me for the sake of Allah I and do not deprive this impure and unworthy murid of your special attention.  I request your dua that Allah I saves me from love for name and fame, love for wealth, love for this world, heedlessness of the Hereafter, and all other evils, and that He makes me His devoted servant.  May Allah I bestow me with good health quickly so that I may present myself to you and cleanse, shine and purify my heart. (Amin)


I am extremely desirous of meeting you.

Kindly convey my salam to Janab Ishrat Mir Sahib and all the others who will be accompanying you, provided it is easy for you to convey this salam.


Yunus Patel, may Allah forgive him.

3 Muharram al-Haram 1418 A.H.


Answer:  Maulana! I make dua with my heart and soul everyday for you.  May Allah Ta’ala accept our duas by virtue of His kindness.


On reading this letter, it was read before my special associates, viz. Maulana Abdul Hamid and others.  They were most pleased and happy.  I am looking forward to meeting you.

Condition:  My master, Hadrat Wala (DB) As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.


Hazrat (DB)!  When I completed writing the letter, I placed it in the envelope and in my anxiety and sorrow, I was overcome by sleep. 

I saw a dream that Hazrat  (DB) is residing in some place in England.  When I reached there, I met Janab Mir Sahib at the door who said to me: “Hurry, Hazrat is waiting for you.”  I hastened towards Hazrat (DB). 

Hazrat (DB) smiled at me, extended both his hands towards me, and embraced me.  I then requested that you transfer something from your blessed heart to me. 


Hazrat (DB) replied: “That is exactly what I am doing.”  Hazrat (DB) then asked me to cause my heart to touch Hazrat’s (DB) heart.  I directed my chest and aligned my heart with Hazrat’s (DB) heart.  Our hearts were so close that I could perceive your heart-beats on my heart-beats.  The sound of “Allah, Allah” was emanating verbally as well.  In a short while, my heart and tongue also started saying “Allah, Allah”.  I then thought to myself that Hazrat (DB) is probably tired now.  I therefore tried to come out of your embrace.  However, Hazrat (DB) embraced me with more force, and my eyes opened.  When I woke up, my heart was beating rapidly, and I heard the sound “Allah, Allah” emanating from my heart for a few moments.  I then perceived some strength in my body and I was immediately overcome by joy, tranquillity and delight.  I hope that you will interpret this dream for me.


Answer:  My respected Janab Yunus Patel Sahib.  May Allah increase your loftiness and your great righteousness.  Wa alaykumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.  I hope that you are well.


I read the beloved letter and continued experiencing ecstasy as I was reading it.  The interpretation of this dream is that it refers to nisbat-e-ittihadiyyah – unanimity in our affiliation with Allah Ta’ala.  If Allah wills, the servants of Allah Ta’ala shall receive the burning flame of love for Allah Ta’ala through you.  Congratulations!





Muhammed Akhtar

At present in Turkey, Istanbul.  (after the fajr salah)

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